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The castle!

I was woken up this morning by the ‘raaaaaaahhh’

Pulling the draw bridge!

of Louis bursting into my room; it is truly amazing how much energy kids wake up with in the morning!

After breakfast of home-made (by Lynda) jam on toast and coffee I agreed to play a game of Dragons with Toothless and Louis. We then decided it was time to go see a real French Castle in Carcassonne!

Louis the artist

Our adventure began in a tiny world heritage town where it was market day. We decided to walk around the markets and buy ingredients for a picnic lunch. This meant amazingly fresh Chevre (goats cheese), really old cows cheese, home-made sausage and home-made corn flour bread…incredible, French produce is truly incredible!

Louis and Toothless

The castle in Carcassonne was gigantic! It is still a functioning town/village/castle! We enjoyed a coffee at one of the shops, our picnic lunch and pretending to fight people from the castle.

The castle!

On the way home we stopped by a winery as we were in wine country. However, it was slightly disappointing as the people weren’t so generous so we only stayed for about 10 minutes, but did try some nice wine. We

also tried to go to a goat’s cheese farm, but it was closed until March, but this mission was not lost as it meant we got to drive through beautiful hilly countryside!

The evening was spent watching an acrobatic/running performance by Louis and Toothless in the kitchen and relaxing by the fire! A lovely day!

Amazing sunset!


Cake making!

I found enough time this morning to have a

Cake cleaning!

quick meditate before breakfast and my morning play with Louis. We played with our castle and had a game of Rabbit and Dragon in the field. Louis’ favourite words/sayings are ‘alright’ ‘wait a minute’ and he likes to repeat them at every opportunity, it is rather cute!

We then ventured into Saverdune – the local town. We had to buy cake ingredients as we were on a mission to make a French Chocolate cake. I was delighted by the smells and sights of the local bakery were we bought amazing fresh bread and croissants. The town is very cute with beautiful oak trees that have all turned yellow in the autumn season.


It was time for cake making on our return! Louis helped mix the ingredients and clean the spoons and bowl! After a lunch of fresh bread

Toothless at the cave

with French cheese and salami we went upstairs to the TV watching bed, ate our cake and watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. This naturally triggered Louis’ obsession with dragons and his dragon which he appropriately named ‘Toothless’. We spent some time in the afternoon playing with Toothless, training him to fly and playing hide and seek with him. In this game I ‘fell’ sick and Louis fixed me with a spell that went something like this ‘one, two, three…PRECARIOUS’! Hilarious!

The road through the cave

We decided to go on an adventure with Toothless to ‘the big cave that the river and road runs through’. It was a beautiful drive through the French country side to get there, the cave was massive and it was very impressive to drive through cave. We had a drink in the local town and played ‘who can guess the colour of the next car’, I think it became Louis new favourite game.

The evening was spent eating dinner, doing more training with Toothless and then reading by the fire sipping some French apple brandy before falling into a deep sleep.

Louis and I

'I guessed it!'

The Castle!

This morning I was greeted with the sound of Louis outside my door saying ‘…can

Our Performance....

we wake her up…?’ So up I jumped to surprise him as he opened my door! I had such a good sleep last night, in a big comfy bed with one of mum’s cushions, so comfy!

I spent the morning playing ‘Castles’ with Louis. We decided to build a very big cardboard castle! The

La Juliane

construction of this castle lasted us until lunch time, as we were very determined to make it ‘amazing’, it was lots of fun, Louis just loves making and constructing things.

After a lunch of lamb and tasty vegies Louis and I put on a performance with our castle! The performance had a similar story line to ‘Rabbits and Dragons’, however Louis is very apt at improvisation!

It was then time to relax so we drank tea and watched a movie (Wall-E). When this was over it was time to explore La Juliane (their property) so Louis, Lynda and I set out on an expedition to discover the hole were a Mammoth was discovered about 30 years ago! Their land/forest is beautiful, especially at this time of year when all the leaves are changing colour!

The Dew Eater

When we returned had time to meditate before reading Louis a book by the fire – his favourite ‘The Pencil’ which Gaida (Mum) had given him we had to read twice! It was then time for Ratatouille for dinner, reading by the fire and sleep!

The Mammoths hole!

Alain, Louis and Lynda

Today began nice and early at 7.301


By 9am we were in the car on the way to the airport, where I was flying out of Spain to Toulouse. Hans drove me to the airport and Anne accompanied us, just for fun!

At 15.45 I landed safe and sound in Toulouse! I was greeted by Louis and Lynda, it was so lovely to see them! We got stuck in traffic for about an hour on the way to their farm house! Eventually we made it after an exciting drive up the

Dragon and Rabbit

dirt drive way that was very slippery!

Their house is beautiful and homely with a fire place and all! We spent the evening  playing ‘Dragon and Rabbit’ with Louis, eating yummy food and drinking French wine…just as planned. Louis wants me to explain how to play Dragon and Rabbit, He says: “It goes like this, now we explain about rabbit and the dragon. So the dragon and the rabbit have a home each and the rabbit comes to the dragon and the dragon chases him and if the dragon touches the rabbit that means that we swop and the rabbit is the dragon and the dragon is the rabbit, and it’s so good this game”.

Louis' photo

Today lovely and relaxing,

Churros on the street

I had plenty of time to catch up on my reading and meditating! I even had time to walk up to the Stupa, which I was very happy about. The weather today was CRAZY – it went from rain to sun to rain to wind to sun to storming to sunny and hot and so on all day!

In the afternoon we ventured into Malaga, Mikaela, a travelling teacher from Germany was giving a lecture tonight. We had some time before to wander around a bit. We got kebabs for dinner and churros for desert, we just happened to walk past a churros store so naturally we had to try!

Waiting for Anne

Mikaela gave a fantastic lecture! She was so funny and witty and used such clear

Our first teacher

and precise examples from everyday life to explain concepts. She had a great knack using these examples in such a truthful funny way, it was incredible! I had a right old laugh!!! The lecture ended at about 11.30 so we drove home back to KG and bed!

Mikaela - our second teacher!

A break from work....

Miguel’s new dog and Rocky

Roquel's Paella!

Hans after the rain….
Miguel’s new dog!

Attempting to feed the lambs...

Happy Hans!

Today we managed to have a mini fiesta because it was the last day of the course.


I spent the day preparing amazing food in the kitchen, thanks to Hans and his mad skills! We once again managed to prepare lunch and dinner in 3 hours, Jose, Hans and I were/are a great team.  There was also enough time for two meditation session, before breakfast and after lunch!

The mini fiesta in the evening (after the lecture) was a great laugh. It consisted of mainly the Venezuelan Kung Fu fighters and me dancing until 1.30 in the morning. We all had such a great time, the Kung Fu fighters were full of


energy and vigour on the dance floor, and we laughed a lot.

The crew!!

Our Feast

You guessed it, today began with meditation followed by breakfast – porridge with apples and

Buddha's Hand

a bit of yogurt is my new favourite breakfast! It was then time to get our cooking on in the kitchen! Hans, Jose, Torbin (Han’s Danish friend) and I worked from 10 – 1 and managed to prepare lunch and dinner AND desert for 50 people, when I mentioned this to Hans he simple said ‘…and we could have done more’, this is true, we still managed to find time for tea breaks. We also began listening to Opera music – our CD has gone missing, which, by the end of our session I was quite enjoying it – unusual behaviour on my part.

Romantic Hans

After lunch there was just enough time for meditation before Kung Fu Fighting! A group of 6 Venezualians White Crane Kung Fu students and their teacher are here and they offered to give us a demonstration. This type of King Fu originally came from Tibet. Their teacher is the president of North and South America for this very particular style! And what a style it was – one of the students had so much power in his movements, it incredible to watch.


There was the most amazing sunset this evening. All the clouds from the rain parted and hung on the horizon, making the mountains look as though they were covered in snow! Then as the sun set more and more the colours were incredible, it was so beautiful after a day of rain!


Amazing clouds

Fighting White Cranes

White Crane Kung Fu


This morning I woke up tired and sluggish but still got up early enough to meditate before breakfast, this was a good idea (I discovered) as after meditation I was awake and had energy again! I was lucky today! Loretta was cooking lunch so I had the morning free to go and listen to Kirsten teach – as previously her lecture was full of inspirational insight and wisdom!

It was still raining today, on and off, however there were some beautifully patches of sun which made the grass glisten! We also got to see some lightning and hear the crash of thunder – always exciting!

After lunch I did my usual of meditate before returning to the kitchen to prepare

Danish pancakes with rice

dinner. The dishes made

Hans cooking!

today were tasty spicy beans, potatoes, rice with vegetables and salad. Hans has definitely mastered the skill of re-using left overs and transforming them into a completely new dish! So far we haven’t thrown anything away and probably won’t!

We ended the evening with Manfred giving us more philosophical wise teachings and then a beer and social time at the café.


Jose at work

In my normal routine I began the day with meditation followed by breakfast! Then Hans was kind enough to temporarily fire me so I could attend Kirsten’s lecture in the morning. I was very grateful, Kirsten is an amazing teacher, and she gave a fantastic lecture full of laughter, inspiration and profound teachings.

After a quick lunch I had just enough time to meditate again before beginning work again, I had been re-hired. We worked solidly from 3 – 6 preparing dinner!

In the evening Manfred continued teaching, like the previous night he gave a very deep lecture – he is full of so much knowledge it is incredible. After the lecture I had a drink at the café before going to bed.

Kirsten teaching

I forgot to mention that it rained today, the first rain since March. The smell was incredible – I think the smell of fresh rain on earth is one of my most favourite smells! Ah, the joy!

Kitchen Crew