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Tube models in London

For the last week I have literally been bed ridden, it has been a bit lonely, a bit depressing, a bit sleepy, a bit boring and a bit deranging among other things. I have to my shame gotten addicted to Gossip Girl – probably one of the trashiest shows to come out of America, but it is amazingly addictive and trashy and is full of very good looking sexy people which are nice to be surrounded by when sick. Apparently I have a viral throat infection – according to the not very good doctor that spent a whole 5 minutes talking to me without even taking my temperature, but was comforting none the less, but I am not sure the 2 hour wait was worth the minimal diagnosis.

Ant cake

It hasn’t all been doom and gloom (you can probably tell I am a little down on being sick at the moment – it is rather amusing) the weather has been amazing!! The sun has been shining all week! I get the most amazing afternoon light coming through my window and I sit in it and soak it all up! The sun sets have also been incredibly beautiful over the city.

Because I haven’t been at work all week and haven’t had energy to do anything outside the comfort of my home I have enjoyed cooking some really nice food with good quality ingredients. I have mainly enjoyed perfecting spicy vegetable soup which was full of flavour and just full of health! I also made a very nice beef curry and the meat was cooked to perfection, not chewy at all – a fluke probably!

Fun at Dinner

I also bought a bike!!!! Which is amazing! Except it needs a little TLC – for example brakes…it does have a front brake that works most of the time, but the back brake is ruined. It also kind of needs a new seat as the one it currently has is very wobbly! Next Tuesday I plan to go to this DIY place and fix it so I can continue to zoom around in comfort!

Before I got sick I had a really lovely weekend in London. It was Malkie’s birthday weekend, which consisted of an amazing home-cooked (by Malkie) Sri lankan food!  It also consisted of some more incredible food at Borough Markets – one of the most overwhelming food markets I have ever been too, it was incredible. I had the most tasty wild boar tortellini, it was like nothing else I have tried so I can’t describe it…sorry :). We also managed to have a little dance on Saturday night at a massive club with balloons and all. It was a fun weekend.

Sunshine at the markets

I also enjoyed going to medo during the week to catch up with my Sangha friends. We went shopping today as on Sunday we are all going to London to cook lunch for the Sangha there, should be a fun occasion.

Packed at the markets

I think that is it for now, if not I will remember for next time! My new cyber friends Serena and Blair are calling my name ‘Lucy…Lucy…Luuuccccyyy…’ (see deranged sickness coming out…it is Friday night!)

Model Malkie

Cousin Julia

So I have settled nicely into my new home. This means that I have filled an entire shelf with different types of tea and make myself rice for dinner every night. Rice with tuna, rice with salad, rice with vegetables and the other night I had a huge meat craving so I splurged on rice and New Zealand lamb cutlets! It is a different experience for me always cooking for one, it means I don’t get very creative, but I think in a month or so when I am over rice and salad I will start to be more creative and adventurous with myself. Mind you I did make pasta and pesto today, which is different to rice, but not so creative I know.

Gourmet dinner for one.

I have also been enjoying my new routine of taking myself out for an afternoon coffee. I have discovered 2 amazing coffee joints (both of which are owned/operated by Australians so the coffee is actually decent) and I really enjoy going there after work, sitting and reading whatever I can. It is something new for me as in the past I just would have automatically invited a friend, but now it is normal to just go on my own which is a nice feeling. Today I mixed it up however and went to get a 9 pound haircut! I then bought hot chips and took them down to the beach and watched the young hooligans play and the waves roll in the sunshine!

Today at the beach

So this morning I met up with Dad’s cousin Julia who was lovely. Very eccentric, a tiny bit quirky which I was delighted with, but really warm, bubbly and friendly. We are going to meet up more regularly and she is going to introduce me to the rest of the long lost family, which I am looking forward to.

I also went to a cool café with my new friend Francis yesterday. The tables moved up and down randomly (at the control of the owner), it was a great surprise when it first happened! It was really nice.

Sunset out my window

I also had a lovely time at meditation on Monday and scored myself a prostration board to take home, which meant this morning when I woke up I could do prostrations which I really enjoyed – really made my room home!

I have also unintentionally taken up running. This is due to the fact that I haven’t quite figured out the bus system so often get off too early or late, also sometimes the bells don’t work and I realise too late and also I miss my bus or am just generally late. This however is going great things for my fitness so I can’t complain! Walking everywhere also helps; I plan to get a bike soon which means I can zoom around town at my bikey leisure.

Random fruit and veg stall

I really feel like chocolate or something now, but I don’t have any so I think I might just make some tea and go to bed. I have also ashamedly addicted myself to Gossip Girl, this was due to a day sick in bed with nothing to watch…so I might watch an episode before crashing! It’s an early start and a new school tomorrow!


My new room!

I finally have some decent news to report! Today I moved into my new house in Brighton! I have a room in a share house with 3 other lovely people right in the centre of Brighton, in Regency Square! If I put my face up against the window I can even see the SEA – which I am about 200 metres away from, which is going to be very exciting once the weather comes warmer!

Wednesday was when I found out that I had been accepted into this house, on the same night I also got rejected from another house, so it all worked out perfectly! I am so happy to finally have a home! I don’t need to go on gumtree anymore every day after work! I don’t know what I am going to do with my new found free time, I am sure I can find many things!

Other exciting things that have happened in the week include going out to a really cool gig last Saturday night at The Hope. Seth and I went to see Monument Valley who was amazing. The support act – Ed Prosek – was just as incredible! Brighton really has such a high standard for live music and such a great scene, it is a real gem!

I also went to play soccer with a meet up group I joined on the internet – all men. It was really fun and I even managed to score two flukey goals! But as a result my body was aching for the next 3 days, I do love that feeling though!

I also worked for 3 and a half days which was really good.

The child quote of the week this week goes to a lovely little girl, the quote goes as follows:

Kids: ‘Are you from England?’

Me: ‘No, I am not, where do you think I am from?’

Little girl: ‘Are you Chinese?’

That’s about all from me for now! Tonight I am going to have a beer with one of the girls from the house I got rejected from who was really lovely so I think that should be nice, except it is raining :)!


I enjoyed my time working on Thursday and Friday. I especially enjoyed my day on Friday. I was teaching in Rottingdean, which is a tiny quaint little town down the coast from Brighton (towards the east). It was such an adorable town, with little streets, and such a strong smell of the sea I felt like I was far far away from any major civilisation – not the actually hour to London. That is one of the things I love about Brighton is all you have to do is travel for 20 minutes on a bus and you find yourself basically in the countryside in a cute little town somewhere. I am definitely going to go back to Rottingdean to explore!

The Sangha

I did have an interesting experience at a Catholic school I was teaching at, when it was announced that the year 5 and 6 grade children will have an opportunity to go to confession to ask forgiveness for their sins. Apart from this the kids were great and very well behaved!

I attended my first Brighton Sangha centre meeting on Thursday night which was lots of fun! We discussed our plans for the statue and thanka exhibition we will hold during the Brighton Fringe Festival, lots to do, but very exciting!

The Gompa

I had a crazy but cool dream last night: Rosie (McCall) and I were robbing a bank with some other people I didn’t recognise! It was such an organised mission in broad daylight and we had everything under control. At one point we were given atm cards to use at the bank and we planning on withdrawing $1,000,000. At this point I got nervous and thought I should only withdraw $10,000, but then Rosie came back with her million so I decided to also withdraw a million! Crazy!!

Today I had a stressful situation at a sports store trying to find soccer/running shoes – after an hour I came out with nothing – this was the stressful part. Seth said he would go back with me tomorrow to help me; I really am a terrible shopper on my own! So I then went to buy a vintage red leather jacket – as you do, it is cool though so that is fun!

I also went back to view my potential new house, but I won’t know about that until next week – I hope I do get it and find out soon!

The hang out area at the centre

Tonight Seth and I are maybe going to see Monument Valley play at The Hope, I hope so, I have never heard of them before (until now) and they sound cool so we will see! But apart from that I just meditated and am now hanging with my roomies at Seth’s and I feel good!


As the title (often) suggests I spent the weekend with the fabulous Hannah Glennie! It was so nice to see her and have her here to explore the back streets of Brighton with me. There is such pleasure in an old (not as in age) friendly face.

Before Hannah got here I had to go about some house hunting business. Marie, Petr and I went to see this one house that is on our list, but we decided that it would have been too expensive for what it was, especially since it had no furniture, which would make our lives a tiny bit more difficult.

Only in Brighton

I spent the rest of Saturday wandering around Brighton with Hannah. She loved it so much she has decided to move here in a few months, which is very exciting. On Saturday night we had a special date with the Jezebels who were playing at Audio. Wow, they were truly amazing to watch live, their songs gave me goose bumps and I must have had a smile on my face the whole time. It was so good to get out and see some good live Australian music!

Since then my house hunting life has continued. I have started looking for somewhere on my own (the others also has) as it is difficult to find somewhere together. I looked at one room on the weekend, but turned it down as it was in a house with a woman who will be away from the 1st month and a guy who she never sees, so I figured I would probably be a bit lonely. The plus about this house though was it had a dog, which nearly, but not quite, tempted me…I think if the dog had been there the 1st month I might have taken it.

One of the pretty laines

I also viewed another room on Monday night, which was really cool. I only met one of the 3 other house mates but she was lovely and the room even had a sea view and was about 100m away from the ocean. I am going back on Saturday to meet the other house mate, so will have to decide then. Because since then Marie has got a job, which is fantastic news! This also means that it will be easier for us to find a house, but we still don’t know how easy as there is A LOT of competition, but by the end of the week we will decide. It is getting a little demanding having three of us in one room, especially with my early nights and mornings. It has been a great experience though, all of it, the house hunting, the rejection, the sleeping arrangements, and definitely some new experiences for me, that’s for sure!!!

More laines

I taught at a new school on Monday, a really nice school just outside of the city are of Brighton. It was a really nice school with very well respecting kids, but I was a bit tired so they kind of walked all over me… this is something I have to get used to if I am prepared to work when I am tired. When I get back into the swing of things it will become much easier!

A beautiful winter day

I took today off as I had some chronic stomach cramps last night and didn’t feel quite right this morning when I woke up. It has been lovely to relax at home. I have spent my time house hunting, I skyped Hamish and Ceri which was really nice, ate some yummy food, meditated and did my washing and now I might read my book and then meditate again! Lovely.


I have managed to survive my first week in Brighton and I do love it here. Brighton is such a cool city and I really enjoy it here. I have met some lovely people, most of which are part of the Sangha but I am sure I will meet more people soon, when I have more time.

Last weekend was National Student Pride week which was lots of fun. There was plenty going on like live music, debates, stall and yummy food. Brighton is a really happening place on the weekend and all the cafes and shops pour out onto the streets and everyone seems to be out and about. It was also sunny last weekend which added to the bright atmosphere, I even managed to watch a sunset over the ocean which was really spectacular.


I have been really busy this last week, which has been great but I am totally out of practice – I have totally forgotten how to busy with routine and all, but I am sure I will get used to it. I am also not used to waking up at 6 – 6.30 every morning! As a result I have been going to bed at about 10pm every night, this is also due to the fact that my blastered cold hasn’t gone away, but I feel it is running on its last legs today!


So I have been working all week at a school as a teacher’s aid. I don’t get paid as much doing this, as I don’t have as much responsibility but I have really enjoyed it and it has been a great experience for me to get back into the swing of things and get used to the life of the classroom and early mornings! The teachers and kids at the school have all been really welcoming and friendly.

I have decided to post a ‘child quote of the week’ and this week’s winner goes to a lovely young boy who, when asked why the horse is his favourite animal responded ‘…because horses don’t have willies’.

I have also enjoyed catching buses to and from work – it is kind of relaxing and entertaining at times, oh the conversations one over hears on public transport. This also gets awkward when I am catching the same buses and the pupils I have just taught! I have nearly mastered the bus system, but every few days I try to go a new way home and get lost, which is exciting I suppose, but it’s all part of my plan to know every street in Brighton by the time I leave!

Being a pirate for world book day

Looking for a house in Brighton is proving to be far more difficult than first assumed. I am looking to rent a 2 bedroom house/flat with 2 other people from the Sangha and it is very difficult for a number of reasons. Firstly being the majority of the ones available are through agencies which are way too expensive for us! Secondly most people are only looking to rent to people who have full time permanent jobs – supply teaching is counted as a part time temporary job and the others are still in the process of finding work. Then once all of the above have been filtered out we are left with one house which is unfurnished which we are going to look at tomorrow, so we will see! I am sure something will work out whatever that may be. But it has been rather stressful to be constantly looking and constantly getting rejected. I have kind of become addicted to gumtree and I think I need to go to house hunters anonymous, it is exhausting! But like I said I am just not used to being busy with deadlines and things that actually need to be done, but I am enjoying the responsibility of it all on a deep down level!

Fighting other pirates

Last night the 2 people I am looking with (their names for future reference are Peter and Marie) moved into Seth’s house with me, so now we are 4 people in a one bedroom flat, it is cosy 🙂 the three of us quite comfortably occupy the lounge room and I must say I do like the company. I do have to mention Seth’s amazing generosity and chilled out nature, it is truly impressive.

Well I have nearly written an essay and if you have gotten this far in reading I am impressed!!! I will probably try to write more than once a week as I might get exhausted of writing this much every week!!! Until then 🙂