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Too many cooks?

So where to begin! It has been a long time since I last wrote, which makes it hard for me to write now, but experience tells me that the longer I wait the harder it will get so here it goes.

I am trying to re-cap everything I have done in the past 18 days and it is a lot! But for the sake of my typing endurance and the reality that no-one has a whole lot of time to read blogs these days I will be as brief as possible and just mention the highlights – they generally tend to be more exciting anyway.

Pasta Disaster

Highlight number 1: Cooking Lunch for the London Sangha

Some weekend ago (I won’t bore you with date and time details) we (being the Brighton Sangha) volunteered to go to London and cook for them as a way to raise money for the new centre and give them a big feed before there meeting. This was lots of fun and we made masses of Bolognese! There was a slight drama with the pasta as we carelessly put ALL the pasta in one pot – which turned out to be twice as much as the pot could handle, which resulted in a bit of pasta laughter drama, burnt overcooked pasta and one very burnt pot. It was not much of a worry though as everyone really enjoyed the food!

Happy munchers

Highlight number 2: UK Easter Retreat

For the Easter holidays I wandered (train wandered) up to a tiny scout camp, just outside of a tiny English country village called Marple which is just outside of Manchester for the UK Easter Retreat! It was beautifully situated in the English countryside and overall there were about 70 other people there. The days were made up of doing 4 main activities: meditating (lots), eating (lots), sleeping (some) and playing football (lots). This is basically it, which was fantastic! The people were lovely and I had a wonderful time. On the last night we had an auction and then a party which got shut down so we spent the rest of the night sitting in a circle playing songs on the guitar and everyone joined in. A fantastic way to spend Easter.

Highlight number 3: Brighton

The Gompa

After returning from the UK retreat I was still on holidays so I had a number of days to explore Brighton. I discovered a few lovely bars on the beach some constantly play live music and others are made from upside down boats! The weather was generally good – meaning it was sunny, windy, not raining but cold. I can’t wait for ‘real’ summer to arrive. I also managed to dance to a projected talking heads concert with Francis and some of her friends which was random but fun.

Linnet Clough

So now I am back at school, at my first day today which was really good except I was tired due to the fact that I have gotten out of the habit of waking up at 6.30am, a habit which I will no-doubt restore quickly (or not). But it was good to be back at work. I am also no longer sick which excites me greatly and I am looking forward to getting back into routine. So for now, enjoy, be happy and let’s hope this wind stops blowing furiously as the birds are either having the time of their lives riding the wind or are seriously struggling to get home – either way they are entertaining to watch out my window.

The retreat gang!



Remembering Karma Guen

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Random

Here is a selection of the ‘impressive art’ night shots that we took on my last night in Karma Guen…thanks to Simon.