Monday 16th July – Karmapa in London

Posted: July 16, 2012 in 13. July 2012

Kendal melts hearts

Before I get to the most exciting part in this post I will start at the beginning of the week – which was also rather eventful.

On Tuesday night I relaxed at home, made nice dinner and just generally hung out – always nice for a time. I had work every day last week, which was really good, but I only had an afternoon on Tuesday so I used the morning to do my washing and I had a really nice chat with Hamish – always great for a laugh and good conversation. Tuesday was also my one year anniversary with Europe – strange.

Fashion of the Future

On Wednesday night I was over hanging at home with myself so I went with Kendal to an open mic night that he regularly performs at. The bar is called the Bees Mouth and it is really close to our house and has a great little open mic basement, which is really cosy – it is a cool place. A lot of talent performed and there were one or two rather more humorous acts. Not that I am biased, but I think that Kendal was the best.

Happy in Love

On Thursday it was meditation as usual – always a joy in the week. I then went to Luke and Dave’s as we were going to Carly and Robbie’s (our new friends from Austalia that we met out one night) were having a house party – dress theme ‘futuristic’. Because we spontaneously decided to go we had to make costumes from things we found around the house… the result ‘Fashion of the Future’.

Happy in London

On the way we got egged. Yes, egged! I thought that egging people phased out 10 years ago but apparently not. It was a new experience for me and after we realised what had happened we all burst into laughter because of the randomness of it all…our costumes might have had something to do with it, but we’ll never know. I must say that it HURT! Luckily they only hit our legs and I give them credit for a good aim. The party was lots of fun and we met many lovely friendly people.

The venue in London

Friday night found me at dinner with Toni, Gabi, her twin sister Camilla and Seth at Pho – a Vietnamese restaurant. It was an incredible experience, I haven’t eaten Vietnamese food since Australia and I absorbed myself into the experience! A lovely Friday night.

When Saturday came around it was time to go London to see Karmapa and Lama Ole. I caught the train with Marie and Petr and we arrived and went straight to the venue where we greeted many old friends. It was a lovely friendly, happy reunion.

Karmapa gave teachings in the afternoon and Lama Ole in the evening – as always amazingly inspiring! After the lecture I went for one drink then back to Hannah’s. I woke her up nice and early on Sunday so we could go out for breakfast. I had my first English breakfast in England (this time round). I then went to meet Steph, Malkie and Celeste for coffee – it was a very exciting experience to see Celeste!

At the venue

Karmapa gave an incredible empowerment on Sunday! We then hung out until our train left in the evening. When I got home I was exhausted, but couldn’t get to sleep – funny that.

REAL English breaky

Now I am at home and Luke and Dave are here for sleep overs as they can’t move into their new house until tomorrow. Dave just made yummy dinner and we are watching home and away laughing at their accents and reminiscing about Australia! Classic!

Also on another exciting note Rosie booked a ticket to come and visit me tomorrow!! YAY!!





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